WC and water systems

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  • DeFlush záchod DE FLUSH 1 Q
    DeFlush 100 WC ingredient
    In stock Brand: D. W. Davies Warranty: 2 years

    Ideal for:
    • RV, marine, aircraft, buses, portable toilets, holding tanks
    • Effectively and quickly breaks down waste
    • Controls holding tank odors
    • Unique pleasant scent
    • Biodegradable

    from €4,82 incl. VAT from €3,98
  • Ultrablue F ULTRABLUE F / 25 L
    UltraBlue F Antifreeze concentrate for drinking water and freshwater systems susceptible to frost

    In temperatures below freezing, particular protective measures are needed for water-bearing systems susceptible to frost, as these systems freeze and become damaged at temperatures under 0°C, if they still have water in them.

    from €171,30 incl. VAT from €141,57
  • Ultrablue L ULTRABLUE L / 25 L
    UltraBlue L antifreeze concentrate for toilet systems
    In stock at supplier Warranty: 2 years

    UltraBlue L is an environmentally-friendly antifreeze concentrate based on propylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors, and stabilisers.

    from €171,30 incl. VAT from €141,57

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