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    AVBLEND has proven to reduce engine corrosion, operating temperatures, fuel consumption and oil consumption.

    AVBLEND is the only product of its kind approved by the FAA for aircraft piston engines. AVBLEND is a tenacious micro-lubricant with reformulated micro-molecules that penetrate, clean and protect metal from the inside out. AVBLEND soaks into the metal.

    AvBlend helps:

    • Prevent Rust
    • Reduce Premature Wear
    • Prevent Valves from Sticking
    • Prevent Carbon and Deposit Build-up
    • Reduce Dry Start Damage
    • Restore Peak Combustion Performance


    Available in 4 packs, 6 packs and a case of 24 one pint cans.

    from €39,29 incl. VAT from €32,47
  • ASL CamGuard (Balení oleje 4x 1pint) CAMGUARD/1 P
    ASL CamGuard
    In stock Brand: Aircraft Specialties Lubricants Warranty: 2 years

    Advanced Engine Oil Supplement

    • FAA accepted
    • Fights rust & corrosion
    • Vastly reduces engine deposits
    • Provides extreme pressure and anti-wear protection
    • Conditions engine seals for extended life

    from €48,46 incl. VAT from €40,05

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