UltraBlue L antifreeze concentrate for toilet systems

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UltraBlue L is an environmentally-friendly antifreeze concentrate based on propylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors, and stabilisers.

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Product Description

In temperatures below freezing, particular protective measures are needed for water-bearing systems susceptible to frost, as these systems freeze and become damaged at temperatures under 0°C, if they still have water in them.
Protect your toilet system with UltraBlue L antifreeze concentrate. It optimally prevents frost damage, corrosion, deposits, sludge accumulation, and biofilms.

UltraBlue L is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Suitable for copper, brass, grey cast iron, steel, solder, aluminium, and plastic lines.
UltraBlue L is economical and easy to apply.


  • 25% (volume) -10°C (antifreeze)
  • 30% (volume) -12°C (antifreeze)
  • 40% (volume) -20°C (antifreeze)
  • 50% (volume) -30°C (antifreeze)

You can find additional frost protection data in the product specifications.