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  • D-F190 antiicing fuel additive (Kanystr Láhev 1 litr) Sale D-F190-20/1
    D-F190 antiicing fuel additive
    In stock Brand: Aviation Laboratories, USA Warranty: 2 years

    The DICE brand is the number one Fuel System Icing Inhibitor sold in the United States.This chemical is the standard of excellence for anti-icers in aircraft fuel systems.

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  • ice 5 500ml highres 1 194
    ICE-5 Fuel anti-icing additive
    In stock Brand: Aero-Sense Warranty: 3 years

    ICE-5 fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) : a fuel anti-icing additive for turbine fuel that acts as a fuel icing inhibitor. ICE-5 is mixed in the fuel at rates of 0,10% up to 0,15% by volume. If the aircraft has no heating system for the fuel, small amounts of free water in the fuel can freeze and block fuel lines, filters and valves. Properly used ICE-5 will prevent icing of the water in the fuel system. A positive side effect of ICE-5 is inhibition of bacteria-growth in fuel tanks.

    Pack of 12x 500 ml aerosol.

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