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AVLabs Clear View™ Aircraft Glass Cleaner will make your plane or helicopters plastic or glass windows appear like new with minimal effort. Used for years in the Aerospace Industry on Jets to General Aviation Aircraft and Helicopters its unique formula will fill fine scratches on plastics windshields and windows yet leave no oily residue. This plastic polish contains no abrasives and foams up when applied helping to eliminate smashed bugs on your windscreen. Buy a can of AVL Clear View™ Aircraft Window Cleaner from and your windows will never look so good.

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Brand Aviation Laboratories, USA
Category Aircraft care
Warranty 2 years
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Clear View polish & protectant (Spray 1ks Spray 1 ks 184gr.) Product code AVL-CV-16/12 12 pcs for the price of 11 = 1 spray FOR FREE In stock €168,43
€203,80 incl. VAT
Clear View polish & protectant (Spray 1ks Spray 1 ks 184gr.) Product code AVL-CV-16/1 Spray 1 pc 368gr. In stock €15,31
€18,53 incl. VAT


  • Polishes & Protects Clear & Colored Plastics
  • No Residue – Leaves a High Polished Finish
  • Fills Fine Scratches & Makes Them Less Visible
  • Sprays On & Wipes Off Easily
  • Quick Wax Detailer
  • Anti-Static & Anti-Dust
  • Designed for All Plastics


NET WT. 13 OZ (368 g) or "SPORT" 6 OZ (170 g)



Bring new life to your plastics with Clear View Plastic Cleaner, Protectant & Polish. Developed to clean, protect and polish all types of clear and colored plastics. This Clear View product works great on clear soft vinyl windows and panels such as boat enclosures and SUV soft tops, motorcycle and aircraft windshields, face shields, goggles, sunglasses, any clear plastic. Use to quick wax any plastic or painted surface.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well. Hold container 6-12 inches from the surface to be cleaned. Spray on lightly. Spread evenly and buff with a clean dry cloth. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS ON PLASTIC SURFACES.

A product of Aviation Laboratories, Inc.


Clear View CV16 instructions

AVL-CV-16 Plastic safety data sheet

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