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AVL Light, Medium and Thick Lubricants/Corrosion Inhibitors, Clear View Plastic and Glass Cleaner, Clear View Plastic Polish and No Chlor Cleaner/Degreaser. All of these great aerosol products are used by many individuals, regional airlines, and aviation maintenance companies. We are conducting this special promotion, at wholesale pricing, so that more people in the aviation industry will be exposed to these outstanding products. We know from experience that once you try these products you will be completely satisfied and then understand the care that we have taken to develop and produce the best group of cleaners, degreasers, and lubricants available anywhere. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy producing them.

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Price €48,51 incl. VAT
Product code AVL-6PACK-PROMO
Brand Aviation Laboratories, USA
Category Aircraft care
Warranty 2 years


  1. Clear View Polish & Protectant
  2. Clear View Aircraft Glass and Plastic Cleaner
  3. AVL No-Chlorinated Cleaner & Degreaser (AVL NC-20 instructions)
  4. AVL-ECC-II Electro Contact Cleaner II (AVL-ECC-II instructions)
  5. AVL Medium Lubricant (AVL-MW16 instructions EN)
  6. AVL Thick Corrosion Preventer (AVL-HW16 instructions EN)


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