ASD-100 Aircraft Insecticide MultiShot

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Brand Aero-Sense
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Warranty 2 years

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ASD Aircraft Insecticide is a non-flammable aircraft insecticide formulated according to WHO recommendations and based on the active substance 1R-trans phenothrin. It is used for inflight cabin disinsection based on the WHO recommended ‘Blocks away’ or ‘Top-of-descent’ spraying disinsection procedures. The environmental impact of Aero-Sense aircraft insecticides is over 1,000 times lower than that of the market alternatives and is the only product available that is fully compliant with the European regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases.

  • Made in the EU

  • Non-flammable

  • WHO recommended formulation

  • Lowest Global Warming Potential

  • EU F-gas regulation compliant

BRAND Aero-Sense
AVAILABLE IN 100 g multi-shot

AMS 1450
Belgian National Authorization No: 10014B
Swiss Registration No: CHZA0005


Spray ratio: 35 g/100m³.


Formulated in accordance with WHO recommendations. It is the subject of product application for Union Authorization under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (Case No. BC-DX037393-17).

Aircraft insecticide ASD TDS

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