Phillips X/C 25W-60 Aviation Oil Oil for radial engines.

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X/C 25W-60 is the first and only multiviscosity aviation oil designed and approved for radial engines originally designed to run on 120 grade.


  • improved oil flow at startup
  • quicker warm-up time
  • cooler operating temperatures
  • cleaner operating engine
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Brand Phiillips 66 Lubricants
Category Oils & Lubricants
Warranty 2 years
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Pilots and mechanics will notice immediate benefits with X/C 25W-60 over single grade oils. Benefits such as improved oil flow at startup, quicker warm-up time, cooler operating temperatures and a cleaner operating engine. X/C 25W-60 also has proven corrosion protection in extreme conditions. X/C 25W-60 can be used year-round, during break-in and on to TBO.


  • Avco Lycoming Material Specification No. 301G
  • Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin No. 1183 Rev. U
  • SAE Standard J1899
  • Teledyne Continental Material Specification MHS-24B
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-22851D (obsolete) for additive treatment QPL Approval Numbers: D07L1-20W-50 (X/C 20W-50), D07L1-25W-60 (X/C 25W-60) X/C®



  • 1 quart (0,946 l)
  • case 12x 1 quart
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  • case 4x1 galon
  • 2,5 galon
  • case 2x 2,5 galon
  • barel 208 lt