DeFlush 100 WC ingredient

2 ratings

Ideal for:
• RV, marine, aircraft, buses, portable toilets, holding tanks
• Effectively and quickly breaks down waste
• Controls holding tank odors
• Unique pleasant scent
• Biodegradable

Price from €4,77 incl. VAT
from €3,94
Brand D. W. Davies
Category Other
Warranty 2 years
Choose variant
Product code DEFLUSH / 5 G 5 galon (18,9 liter) In stock €56,52
€68,39 incl. VAT
DeFlush záchod Product code DEFLUSH / 1 G Kanystr 1 galon (3,875 L) On request €13,21
€15,98 incl. VAT
Product code DE FLUSH KRABICE 4X 1 G Case 4x1 galon On request €46,74
€56,56 incl. VAT
Product code DE FLUSH 1 Q Bottle 1 q In stock €3,94
€4,77 incl. VAT
Product code DE FLUSH 12X 1 Q Case 12X1 quart In stock €42,84
€51,84 incl. VAT

“De-Flush” is an effective deodorant, which neutralizes and destroys toilet waste odors. Dilutes instantly with water to form blue solution. Unique bubble gum scent.

De-Flush #100 Usage:        

RV holding tanks, 4-6 oz. (0,12-0,18 l)
Recirculating system, 8 oz. (0,25 l)

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