Pratt Whitney PT6A Series 100Hr Inspection Kit.

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The PT6 100 Hour kits are a universal kit design for use in 100 hour inspection for most Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines. Each kit contains a fuel filter, o-rings, and gaskets required for change. Since it is a universal kit there may be o-rings that are not used. Be sure to check aircraft manufacturer's IPC for specific installation use.

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Product code PT6A SERIES 100HR
Brand Aviation Laboratories, USA
Category Spare parts
Warranty 2 years


572744 Fuel Filter (AN6235-3A) 1 Ea.
M83248/1-015 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-019 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-115 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-120 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-126 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-143 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M83248/1-224 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M25988/1-022 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M25988/1-916 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M25988/1-928 O'Ring 1 Ea.
M25988/1-212 O'Ring 1 Ea.


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