UltraBlue TYPE 4 Aircraft deicer

2 ratings

Deicing fluid for protecting aircraft from icing.

Price from €169,36 incl. VAT
from €139,97
Category De-icing
Warranty 2 years
Choose variant
Product code ULTRABLUE TYPE 4 / 25 L 25 L canister On request €139,97
€169,36 incl. VAT
Product code ULTRABLUE TYPE 4 / 1000 L 1000 L IBC On request €4 420,19
€5 348,43 incl. VAT
Product code ULTRABLUE TYPE 4 / 208 L 208 L barrel On request €1 096,08
€1 326,26 incl. VAT

Product Description

UltraBlue TYPE 4 meets the latest SAE Type IV and AMS 1428 specifications for aircraft icing protection.
The formulation contains special thickeners, to enable it to better adhere to the surfaces of the aircraft, and for longer, to prevent ice from forming.
UltraBlue TYPE 4 is not designed for removing ice, but rather for preventive icing protection.

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